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Eating Tips for a Healthier and More Flexible Body

Maintain these important reminders in your weekly nutrition goals for a healthier and more flexible body.

We all know when it comes to losing or maintaining weight, exercise is only half the battle – if that.

There are no shortcuts on the road to healthy living. And while for many the logic of working out to combat a few extra calories (especially around the holiday season) seems sound, the fact of the matter is to maintain or lose weight, making the right food choices is more important than exercise.

According to this article by the New York Times, when it comes to obesity rates in America, “being active is probably not a key determinant in…an unhealthy weight.” The article goes on to refer to research that concludes over time, adults with exercise programs wind up “burning less energy with exercise than predicted and also increasing their caloric intake.”

What does that mean for yogis? Harvard Health Publications predicts that an adult weighing in at about 155 pounds will burn approximately 300 calories in a non-heated one-hour yoga session. In other words, binging on a seemingly well-deserved donut at the end of class more than likely means you’re breaking even when it comes to caloric intake versus output. And that’s obviously not the brightest idea when it comes to trying to lose or maintain your weight. Try these foods to get the most out of your yoga routine and keep the progress you’re making toward your personal fitness goals:

Start right.

We know from every Wheaties commercial ever made: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And now we know it’s true because Harvard says so. Skipping breakfast is a growing trend among developed nations. In the United States, a reported 30-percent of adults forego it all together.

Wanna know how this was made? Click the photo to get the recipe + many other delicious smoothies!

Wanna know how this was made? Click the photo to get the recipe + many other delicious smoothies!

Begin your day (within the first 30-60 minutes of waking) with 16oz of purified water. This gets the digestive system active and ready to work. Then a morning smoothie using nut milk or a meal that has a good mix of whole grains, fruits and/or veggies. Say “adios!” to swinging through a fast food drive-thru and save those cravings such as eggs, bacon, pancakes and even fruit juice as an occasional indulgence.

Before your yoga class:

Try any of these seven foods listed here to stimulate your body’s flexibility. Easily digested fruits, sesame seeds, ginger, seaweed and vegetables high in silicon all contain properties that will leave you muscles ready for their ultimate extensions in poses.

After your class:

You may feel like you’ve worked your way to deserve an extra treat. But what your body deserves far more is your prioritization of maintaining its well-being. Try veggies with hummus, avocado, quinoa, trail mix, or even a slice of whole grain toast with a nut butter and jam of your choice if you’re looking for something sweet.

The decision to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle is filled with hundreds of choices throughout the day.

While it’s sometimes easier to feed your cravings and derail the progress of your workouts with foods high in fat and fructose corn syrup, it’s far more important to feed the trend of loving and treating your body well.

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