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Get Your Sweat On & Start Your First 2 Weeks

Everything you love to do benefits from the increased strength, endurance and flexibility you develop in yoga.

Start your first 2 weeks at Hot House Yoga with all-studio access for just $59.

New students only.

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Should you choose Class Cards or a Membership Plan?

Both options work for different people. Read more on which would fit for you and your lifestyle!

Membership Plan

The saying “Membership has it’s benefits” applies here. With an Unlimited membership plan, you’re able to experience lower cost per classes, member guest privileges, 10% off retail, and most importantly – membership means commitment. Knowing you’re paying each month will keep you committed to your yoga practice and growth.

Class Cards

Choosing class cards allows you to visit the studio on your own time, without commitment. Class cards typically expire within 1 year and can be shared among family members and immediate household.

Membership Pricing Plans

10% discount on memberships available for military, students, K-12 teachers and corporate partners with ID. 50% discount on Unlimited Membership for emergency first responders.

Towel service for shower and mat towels are an additional charge!

Each membership includes member guest privileges, auto rollover payments, and 30 day cancellation notice.

4 per Month ($14.75 per class)
  • Get 4 classes per month
  • 4 Month Commitment, 30 day cancellation notice
Hot Unlimited Unlimited Classes
  • Unlimited Classes
  • 4 Month Commitment, 30 day cancellation notice
8 per Month ($12.38 Per Class)
  • Get 8 classes per month
  • 4 Month Commitment, 30 day cancellation notice

Class Card Pricing Plans

Each class card expires 1 year after the date of first use, is family shareable among immediate family members, and requires no commitment.

10 Class Cards ($16.90 per class)
  • Get 10 classes
20 Class Cards ($14.95 Per Class)
  • Get 20 classes
50 Class Cards ($12.98 Per Class)
  • Get 50 classes

Single Visit – $25

This is the drop-in rate to take a class with us anytime if you do not have a membership or card.

Out of Towner Week – $49

This is an unlimited week for non-locals visiting the area only.

1 Month Unlimited – $159

This is an unlimited month available for use at either studio.

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