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Avoid Signs of Aging with Yoga

Can Yoga Really Keep Me Young?
Apart from spiritual benefits, studies show practicing yoga wards off tell-tale signs of aging.

It’s no secret that the implementing regular exercise into your weekly schedule along with maintaining a healthy diet can have significant impact on your weight-loss goals and overall sense of wellness.

Not to mention the added benefits of a clear and focused mind for your day-to-day.

But, did you know that incorporating the practice of yoga into your weekly exercise regime can actually weigh in on your well-being outside of weight loss? In recent research, various studies suggest that yoga can actually combat the tell-tale signs of aging.

Here are a few ways yoga can have an effect on anti-aging, and leave you feeling younger each time you roll out your mat:

Increased Flexibility

We’re not just talking about wiggle room in your weekly schedule. We’re talking about the prolonged stretching, reaching and poise that weekly yoga classes incorporate into your everyday.

The stretching that you experience during poses in a yoga class improves blood circulation to your body’s muscles and helps them move effectively. This not only gives you the best bang for your buck as far as exercise is concerned, but it also can improve your performance in your other favorite activities.

Plus, this increased range of motion can have a tremendous sway on the future of your body.

Back Bone Connected from the Hip Bone

Over time, our bones begin to deteriorate. And, unfortunately, conditions such as osteoporosis are out of your control as far as genetics and age are concerned.

Further, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, millions of Americans aged 65 and older fall each year; one out of five of those falls cause serious injuries such as head trauma or broken bones. But it should come as no surprise that an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits can work to reverse the affects aging has on your body.

This article in The New York Times suggests that implementing a yoga routine can have a major impact on strengthening bone health, posture, reduced physical stress and the avoidance of serious injury as a result.

What Were We Talking About, Again?

Life is full of enough distractions when you can remember where you left your keys.

While some of the specific neurological benefits of meditation are unknown according to research in Biological Psychiatry, meditation can actually impact the brain in many positive ways.

A study referenced in this Live Science article suggests that not only did participants aged 55 years and older experienced improvements in visual-spatial memory, but also saw improvements in anxiety and depression symptoms after three months of yoga training.

Feel Good. Look Good.

In the end, yoga has countless mental and physical benefits. There’s a positive feedback loop to incorporating healthy habits into your weekly routine, and it’s never too late to start.

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